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The individual seeking nutrition counseling is responsible for payment if it is not covered by the insurance company. A fee is required for any appointment not canceled 24 hours in advance. Emergency issues will be exempt. All outstanding balances must be paid prior to the individual resuming visits.


Nutrition visits must be paid in full at the time of each counseling session. Visits may be paid with cash or via personal check. If a check is not valid upon submission to the bank, a $35 fee will be added to the appointment fee and must be paid prior to the individual’s next appointment.


Since a sliding scale will apply for those without healthcare coverage of nutritional counseling, the dietitian will discuss the cost of the visits personally and directly with the individual prior to the visits during the initial contact.


Appointment Essentials


You may contact Debra A. Vincent, MA, RDN, CDOE, CVDOE directly at 401-426-0018 or proceed with the following:


1.)  Please contact your insurance company to determine whether you have benefits for your diagnosis, if you need a referral (including an online referral), and/or whether you have a copay, co-insurance or a deductible. The billing codes will be 97802 and 97803 and should be given to the representative, along with your diagnosis at the time of the call.


2.)  It’s best to ask the representative you are speaking with for the reference number of the call. Keep a note of this number and the information given concerning the above requests.


3.)  A primary care physician’s referral form should read “Dietitian Consult & Treatment." Please request your primary care physician’s office to fax your most recent progress note and completed lab work to 401-944-1812. These resources will allow the dietitian to make the best clinical evaluation along with her nutritional assessment. Consideration will be given for all diagnoses identified by the physician, those presented by the patient and those diagnosed by the dietitian.


4.)  Once you have spoken with your insurance company and physician, you may call and leave a message for Debra A. Vincent, MA, RDN, CDOE, CVDOE at 401-426-0018 to set up an appointment. Your call will be returned between one and two business days. All messages left on a Friday will be returned on the following Monday.


Debra A. Vincent, MA, RDN, CDOE, CVDOE

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